3 Ways to Get Multiple Clients Out of Every New Lead

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Legal lead generation is not just about generating new clients on a single lead-by-lead basis. It’s about building a self-sustaining client-base that ultimately generates multiple new clients for your firm on it own.

The key? Make sure every new client generated from your lead program is 100% satisfied with your service.

Here are three ways each lead can then multiply into many future cases for your firm:

1. Returning Clients

Satisfied new clients will call you again the next time they need legal services (as long as your firm provides the services needed). Just like with a hair stylist, if a client is satisfied with your firm, they will call you time and again when your services are needed.  

2. Referrals

Research from the Wharton School of Business shows that nearly one out of three satisfied clients refer their family and friends to the same business. And with today’s social media, the residual effects of referrals can also extend several degrees beyond immediate friends. Referrals are always the best and least expensive way to acquire new law firm clients. But the only way to generate increased referrals is to initially generate a steady stream of happy clients.

3. Reviews

Prospective clients today often look to the experience of others through online reviews when choosing an attorney they are unfamiliar with. SearchEngineLand.com consumer research reports 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Encourage your satisfied clients to post reviews about their experience — which will then be seen by others seeking an attorney — and you may be surprised at how many additional clients steer your direction as a result.

If each new client acquired through lead generation ultimately results in a handful of additional cases for your firm as a result of their satisfaction, you’ve ultimately decreased the cost of your lead generation several fold. Especially if those second-generation clients also leave your firm just as satisfied.


Author: Jim Rauch

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