Law Firm Lead Generation: The Costly Swiss-Army Knife Mistake

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Think of your law firm’s traditional website as a Swiss Army Knife. It has many functions and addresses many different audiences and needs. But this multi-utility tool alone cannot adequately do the one job most needed by consumer law firms – law firm lead generation. Here’s why, and what to do about it…

Your main website has to have something for everyone.

One audience in particular, new prospects who are deciding which law firm to call, is usually a very low percentage of your total website visitors. With all of the various content and audiences your site must address, the focus on this one particular group is often diluted and weak.

You can’t chop down a tree with a Swiss Army Knife. At least not very well.

Most attorneys use their “Swiss Army Knife” website to try to generate leads for their law firm, along with everything else it is supposed to do.

They continually build bigger and better websites, add more tools and widgets, hire SEO specialists and designers… yet wonder why it is still hard to chop down the tree.

For that specific job, i.e. active law firm lead generation, you need a specialty tool – a “chain saw” that does this job, and only this job, better, faster, and more efficiently than your multi-tool ever could. That chain saw is a separate, dedicated, lead generation website.

When promoted well across the web, this tool can quickly increase the number of new client leads generated to your law firm multi-fold.

It’s still important to address the variety of audiences and functions needed with your main law firm website. Both your main website and a lead generation campaign should work for you side-by-side, as a single lead generation campaign will not adequately address your other audiences, either. That has been the case with every law firm lead generation campaign we have put together for the attorneys we’ve worked with. But chain saws aren’t easy to build. And for best results, it helps tremendously to work with a chain saw (Lead Generation) specialist.

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Author: Jim Rauch

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