What To Do When You’re Getting Too Many Leads

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If we are generating too many new client inquiries for your law firm to handle, it may be a sign that an opportunity exists to grow your law firm. Here are some tips on what to do, and what not to do if or when this situation arises.

What Not to Do

Do not stop answering your phone. Do not ignore people leaving messages for you.

Ignoring incoming calls can also wreak havok on your existing clients who may need to reach you with questions about ongoing cases.

Instead, Do This

Call your LeadQ account person and ask us to pause your client-generation campaign until you have a chance to get caught up and can again handle additional new clients. Some law firms ask us to occasionally pause for a few days up to several weeks. Some law firms simply ask us to pause their campaigns automatically each month when they reach a set number of qualified inquiries (such as 20 or 30).

If you see the situation as an opportunity to grow your firm, consider:

1    If you do not already have a reception person, hire one to take incoming calls. Other options are to hire a virtual receptionist, or have LeadQ send incoming calls to ring on multiple phones, so other existing staff can help out with answering your calls. The stress and workload the receptionist takes off your shoulders will easily free up more of your time to retain and handle more cases. And those additional cases will easily pay for the reception help.

2    Consider hiring a paralegal to offload some of the casework

3    Consider partnering with, or hiring a junior attorney

At LeadQ, many of the law firms using our client generation program have hired additional staff to handle the increased caseload we’ve helped generate for them.

Of course, if you prefer to maintain your current firm size and caseload, simply let us know a target number of new clients you’d like to receive each month, and we can limit our client-generation program accordingly.

Author: Jim Rauch

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