4 Easy Ways to Assure You’ll Never Miss Another New Client Call

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We know it may seem like it’s virtually impossible to answer every single incoming call to your law firm. You may currently answer only a fraction of your incoming calls – even when you have a dedicated receptionist.

However, every time you miss a call, a number of possible outcomes can happen:

     –   The caller may leave you a voicemail message.
     –   The caller may hang up, and try calling again later.
     –   The caller may hang up and send you an email.
     –   The caller may hang up and call a competing law firm.

Even if you receive a voicemail message from the new prospect, you’ll still need to return the call promptly, or the caller may again resort to option number 4 – call a competing law firm.

To avoid these scenarios altogether, we provide the following easy call-routing solutions as part of our LeadQ Client Generation program – to help assure you’ll never again miss a call from a new prospect.

With our Client Generation program, your incoming lead calls will route through a unique tracking phone number which can be differentiated from all other calls – such as repeat calls, sales calls, existing clients or business-related associate calls, reference calls, etc. – to your regular business number. Incoming new lead calls can be announced with a “whisper greeting” to alert you when you first answer, before you begin speaking with the new prospect, or routed to a special line.

Call Routing Solutions

1   Ring Multiple Numbers
Have your new lead calls ring multiple phone numbers. If you have multiple staff people in your office, make several responsible for answering new incoming lead calls – rather than just one reception person.

2   Roll Over Calls When Not Answered
Have your new lead calls roll over to your cell phone, a designated back-up receptionist, or virtual answering service if your receptionist does not answer.

3   Roll Over Calls After Hours
Have your new lead calls roll over to your cell or back-up reception option after hours and on weekends.

4   Receive Instant Text Alerts of Hangups
Receive an instant text with the caller ID whenever a caller hangs up (so you can virtually “autodial” a return call seconds later. We can also set this up this feature to trigger any time your receive a new client inquiry via email.

We’re confident that by using any or all of these features with your LeadQ Client Generation campaign, you’ll never again miss out on another new prospect opportunity simply because they couldn’t reach your law firm.

Author: Jim Rauch

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